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JAN, 13, 2013


Baby Blues takes place in a house, You play the role of tommy the 3 year old kid living with his parents. While Tommy never experience anything in his life, this day will come when one day; He wakes up in the middle of the night with a bright light shining into his eyes. He steps off his bed and notice something is missing too; His teddies. Tommy goes into the adventure where his only objective is to find his missing teddies and go back to bed, He doesn't care about anything else.While Searching for his teddies, Something strange is happening into the house but Tommy won't give up, not yet.

Baby Blues is a horror game made by Official KGames (Now changed to Steelkrill Studio). which is a independent solo video game developer, which is the creator and self publisher of Baby Blues. You can support the developer here: Youtube, Website, IndieDB, Google+.

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Download the latest version:

This is the official download for Baby Blues. 

Latest released update is V5.


New Version of baby blues is now available, It will include all new features and new scares; Along with improved graphics, new shaders, sounds and many more horror. Baby Blues V5.0 will be a diffrent horror experence for all players who already enjoyed Baby Blues and for those who are new to the teddies.



You can now donate any amount you like to support KGAMES. This may gain you extras such as early playable alphas, your name in official website and more.

Check out v5 here.


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Creating a game is hard, cost money, and takes time. KGames is not a big team, putting everything by itself will be harder then ever but with this little donation you will be a big help and a motivation to KGames. Support the development and donate, all donations will go forward to the development. Make KGames possible! Support the development and with your help; it could and will get bigger! Thanks for being awesome!


"As a Independent Developer who works alone, most of the time is spend creating games and working on projects. Both of the released games are free of charge! Everybody loves free games right?


Creating a Indie game will some time cost money for certain reasons, but with this little donation you will be a big help to KGames on to continue working on more projects for you to enjoy.


Donations aren't necessary but it's greatly appreciated and will be a big support to a solo independent video game developer. All donations will go forward to game making development."


Thanks for your generosity, and for being awesome.



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